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General Furniture Care - wooden surfaces

Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity. Avoid keeping furniture too close to radiators or other heat sources as extreme variations in temperature can cause slight movement in the furniture’s structure. Avoid sitting items in close proximity to Agas or in conservatories which due to extremes of temperature can often cause timber movement issues.

To avoid uneven shading allow equal exposure to daylight and move any items covering the surface regularly

Never allow liquids of any kind to remain on the wood surface and use mats to protect from heat damage by hot plates/cups. Mats are also advisable for any drinks cups, glasses etc that can often sweat / leave heat ring marks on surfaces. Particular note should be made of mats needed underneath flower vases to avoid water marks.

Always lift items from the surface of the furniture rather than dragging them across to minimise scratches and marks

Finish Care guide

Do not use spray cleaners or wax polishes. Never use any products which contain silicone as this will damage the finish.

Clean the surface or frame with a soft, slightly damp cloth and always dry thoroughly preferably with soft towelling cloth or a duster.