• Bespoke, Custom & Reproduction Furniture Makers
Made to order, by hand in our own workshops at ijlbrown

We are not advocates of a one size fits all when it comes to interiors. After all we all have different rooms sizes and different furniture needs in our own homes.

Having the facility to be able to not only design your own piece of furniture but have us help with the input for any practical elements and then have this unique item made for you is very special.

ijlbrown is a rare resource of both  a furniture and chair maker. Its not very often the two meet under one roof but our highly skilled workforce can create all matter of items from dining tables to chairs, kitchen islands to bookcases and heritage items to crisp clean contemporary looks.

Our trained and knowledgeable team can help you with all the design options that we offer. For example the same table can look quite different if made to suit a contemporary setting with clean lines and a light distress than if ordered in a more heavily distressed finished for a traditional home. Think of it as having your own design team at your disposal willing to make you that one piece of furniture you have always had in your mind but just can't find. 

We are happy to help with any project and are a great resource for individuals and interior designers everywhere.